By Raina                                      

A lemon looks like a bright yellow oval bouncy ball .   A lemon  looks like the glow of sunshine. A lemon tastes like sour candy. It also tastes  like refreshing lemonade . It tastes a bit tangy and bitter.  A lemon feels like a hard ball  inside  the  lemon is wet and sticky.


So today our teacher gave us lemon’s so we can write a story about how the lemon tastes smells and feels.




With eyes I see the yellow sun. 

With my nose I can smell yellow roses.

With my tongue I can taste the yellow.

With my yellow ears I can hear.

With my yellow hands I can write.


Happy mother’s day

    Happy Mother’s Day 

On mother’s day my mum and sister had to go to Work.

Before my mum went to work i Gave my mum a box Of  chocolates.

After my mum left for work me and my dad got dressed and went  to the mall so we could get some gifts for my mum.

 We got my mum a nice jacket from the mall.

 When we got back home my dad said I could wrap the gift.

 The jacket was too big so the wrapping paper kept on ripping so I decided to put it in a shoebox to trick my mum.

 After I was done rapping the gift my dad said to come and get the cake with him. We went to the cake shop and got a beautiful cake.

The cake was a chocolate And Terry cake.

When my mum came home we acted like it was a normal day.

 when my mum went to go and shower  me and my sister Got the cakes all set up at the table.

We put the gifts on the table and then we waited for my mum to come out of the shower.

When my mum got out of the shower my dad said to all of us to turn off the lights and hide.

 When my mum came into the living room we surprised her and then we cut the cake.

When my mum opened her gift she saw it was a beautiful jacket.

 She loved the jacket but it was too small.

My sister works at the mall so she got a beautiful flower from the mall.

When my mum  saw the beautiful flower she loved the flowers so much that she decided to hang it outside on the pose.